How Can You Have Flexible Discipline?

by | Apr 18, 2022 | Beth's Voice, Experiences

As we emerge from the pandemic this year, we’ve already found that many ways of doing things will be changed for the better. Flexible discipline is a concept that will benefit many.

In the past, there were so many times people would say to me, “That’s the way we’ve always done it.” You could just see the window to suggest a better way of accomplishing something close up.

Now, it’s different. We’ve all been through massive change that wasn’t really a choice. The way we work has changed, the kinds of people we meet (virtually and in-person) are different and we’ve all learned new things about ourselves. What we thought we wanted, may not be what we want today.

So with all the changes we find ourselves in the midst of, the concept of flexible discipline is very helpful.

Flexible discipline is the combination of being disciplined in delivering on something while staying open to possibilities in the moment. Focusing on what you want, but not necessarily how it has to happen is key.

Mastering this concept will be a powerful way to make your way through the changes you’re going through and reimagine how to accomplish things.

The resistance that has been in place to make change is no longer as strong as it was, and this opens up the chance to change the things you want to.

Next time someone suggests a new way of doing something that you’ve done before and you feel the resistance show up, take a quick pause. Ask yourself, “Maybe there is another way.” When you do that, you can remain disciplined in what you want and flexible in how it can happen.

By simply taking a pause you give yourself a chance to step back from the negative feeling of resistance. It also allows you the chance to move in a new and possibly exciting direction. Who doesn’t appreciate a magical moment! That’s what you set yourself up to experience more of in your life when you take a pause and are curious about new possibilities.

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