Do You Use an “And” or an “Or” Mindset?

by | Jun 9, 2020 | Observations, Peter's Voice

It’s amazing how a simple shift in perspective can change the whole world.

The other day Beth and I were trying to figure out what to do next. We only had an hour or so, but we wanted to get several things done before we called it quits for the day.

What to do?

We started weighing the pros and cons of completing the items on our list. That’s when we realized we didn’t have to choose. We could get it all done if we shifted our perspective from an “Or” mindset to an “And” mindset.

“Or” Mindset

With an “Or” mindset, you think of the problem as a set of trade-offs.

Beth and I only had so much time to get done what we wanted. We were looking at doing the tasks the way we’ve always done them – and we didn’t have enough time.

We created the limitations for ourselves. Even the list of things we wanted to get done was a list we made up. If we didn’t complete our tasks, no one would get in trouble or be harmed in any way.

We didn’t realize that we’d set up all those rules and restrictions that made our choices much more complicated than they needed to be. Every decision seemed to have a trade-off.

“And” Mindset

With an “And” mindset, you search for ways to have it all – your attention shifts from focusing on limitations to searching for solutions or possibilities.

Just realizing that we can have it all, opens us up to possibilities. That’s when our creativity blossoms – ideas, suggestions, and alternatives all show up when we are open.

Have you ever felt that something was impossible, then after taking a break, the answer pops into your head? That’s because you let go and shifted from an “Or” mindset to an “And” mindset.

When you decide to embrace an “And” mindset, the world is much friendlier and abundant. You empower yourself because now you are looking for an answer versus not knowing if one exists. 

By making a few changes, Beth and I were able to get everything done that we wanted in the time we had available.

Shifting from an “Or” to an “And” mindset is really amazing.

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