Do You Choose to Celebrate the Great Little Things?

by | Apr 6, 2021 | Beth's Voice, Experiences

When you look at your schedule or to-do list and notice how much you still have to do? Do you focus on all that you still have to accomplish?
What if you switched it around, and instead found reason to celebrate all you have accomplished?

Even if you’ve just started, you can appreciate the fact you started.

When I look back at how my thinking has changed in the years since we wrote the book You Can Choose, I can say that when I glance at my schedule or to-do list I now focus on what I’ve accomplished. I pat myself on the back when I notice how much I’ve done. It has a distinctive positive aura instead of the dread I used to feel when I looked at my ever-longer list.

Another thing I do is think about the positive outcomes that might come out of completing the other items still on my list. Instead of looking at the list as a series of accomplishments to complete, I think about ways of enjoying doing them. It helps me become more present to the work and allows me to focus on how I want it to feel when I’m complete.

When I consider how my life is better than what it used to be when I was living in the soup of negativity, noticing the little things and looking forward to what I want, is a HUGE shift. The perspective I have today is a result of making many, many little adjustments in my thinking that have combined to make the big changes I see today.

Yes, there are better days than others, but the important part is getting yourself back on track. Even that experience used to take days and days, but now it’s as brief as a couple of minutes or a couple of hours. Thank goodness!

When you add consistency to the little shifts in your thinking so they become little habits you begin to do automatically, you are building the foundation for a wonderfully abundant life.

Again, it’s all about the little things…!

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