You Think

Descartes said it succinctly with his famous quote,

“I think, therefore I am.”

We all think. We think all the time. We sit and think about the future, and we think about the past. We wonder about the opportunities we have and those we passed up. While watching TV, we think about what we see, how someone looks or who the bad guy is.

We can’t help thinking. It’s what makes us who we are. We are thinking creatures.

Our mind is by far our most powerful tool. With it, we imagine and create everything we see and experience.

Like any tool, if used properly, our mind can do wonderful things. If properly tuned, it can far exceed our expectations.

The types of thoughts we have are based on our beliefs. Our beliefs reinforce our thoughts.

It’s circular logic: the more we think about certain things, and in certain ways, the more our beliefs are reinforced, which causes us to continue to think the same type of thoughts. This powerful, reinforcing phenomenon is why so many people stay where they are in life, making the same mistakes.