Worry Buster

The Worry Buster is a powerful tool to help you bust worries.

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We created the Worry Buster because we’ve met many people over the years who are worried about something. We wanted to develop a useful tool to help others begin to wean themselves from worry.

Beth grew up thinking she had a ‘worry gene’ since her grandmother and mother always worried. She remembers chuckling with her sister thinking about how Grandma and Mom were always worrying about something. It was a way of thinking for them.

We’ve wondered about the whole idea of worry. What is the point of worrying? It’s always been present in both of our lives, but there really is no value or benefit from worrying.

It was after all the thinking about worry that we started to recognize how much we worry. How did we convince ourselves that worrying was supposed to somehow make things work out better?

Enter the Worry Buster. Every day we make a choice about what we want to spend time thinking about. How often do we consciously make the choice to worry? Usually, it just materializes and it’s not until we’re worried that we realize we chose to worry.

We worry because we want to change something and think we can’t. If we think we can’t change something, we feel powerless.

We worry when we are powerless. Well, we can bust up the worry with the Worry Buster.

When you use the Worry Buster, you stop and take time to evaluate what’s causing you to be worried. The tool helps you take simple steps to move forward and become powerful or recognize you’re satisfied with where you are.

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