Trust Your Feelings

Our feelings arise from our beliefs. They come in response to our interaction with the world based on how we see things.

Feelings are a way to understand our beliefs. If we are feeling happy about most things, we likely have happy beliefs.

If we have feelings of anxiety or fear, our beliefs in that area could be limiting us.

If you wake up in the morning feeling anxious, there is a conflict between your thoughts and beliefs. There is no need to be afraid of anxiety. Instead, learn to welcome the anxiety knowing it is trying to tell you to look at your choices. Don’t judge your feelings, but to see them as signposts directing you to look more closely at something causing the anxiety.

Feelings are never invalid. Our reaction to them, and our interpretation of them may be, but the feelings themselves are true.

When we were young, we trusted and followed our feelings so much more than we do as adults. When we are hurt, we cried. When we felt happy, we squealed with joy. When we were curious, we reached out to learn more.

We can learn to trust our feelings again.