There Are No Coincidences

When unlikely events occur, we call them lucky (or unlucky). We shake our head at the highly unlikely occurrence or the freak accident, even though so many things had to happen for the event to occur.

There are no coincidences. Life is not preordained. It is driven by the choices we make.

There are valuable lessons in what we see as coincidences.

Have you ever had the experience of thinking about someone in your past and wondering how they’re doing, just to see them a short time later?

This is a good example of what we think of as a coincidence, but your thinking and their thinking created the situation.

Try to think of coincidences as signs. Ask yourself what they might mean to you. Are they signals that you should try something different or symbols that you are making great progress along your desired path?

Learn to appreciate ‘coincidences’ for their messages and remember there are no coincidences.