Learning from the YCC Book

by | Jul 20, 2021 | Beth's Voice, Observations

This past week, someone we work with posted a couple of pages from our You Can Choose book on social media.  They are going through some big changes in their life and the YCC material is helping them to better understand who they are today.  The simple, easy-to-understand concepts are also helping them to choose what’s important and gain clarity on what they truly want as they navigate through this transition.

When Peter and I wrote the YCC book, we wanted to share with as many people as possible the simplicity of how shifting your thinking leads to a shift in your life.  As we’ve become better at understanding and applying the concepts and principles in the book to our own lives, it’s amazing how our lives have changed in the ways we’ve chosen and our library of examples has grown.

While the book has been available for years, the wonderful part is now we’re seeing people using the material to make shifts in their lives, especially when they face growth opportunities disguised as problems.

One of the chapters our friend found especially valuable and shared was how we already know how to live a happy, purposeful, and fulfilling life – we don’t need to be taught how to do this!  But recognizing how your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings are operating, seemingly autonomously, is such a powerful part of making the small, but critical shifts in your life.

This is just one of the dozens of chapters in the book that we and others use to recenter ourselves and remember what’s really important.

We’d love to hear from you. Is there anything in the YCC book that resonates with you?  Let us know.

Here is a link to the online, free version:  https://youcanchoose.info/yccbook/

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