It Is Fair

We all hear or maybe even say, “That’s not fair.”

What does it mean to be fair? Does it mean the ‘good guy’ wins? Does it mean no one cuts in front of you while you’re waiting in line?

When we think of fairness, we usually think in terms of things balancing out, like when the bully doesn’t win the fight, the rich guy doesn’t get richer or the poor guy finally gets his reward.

That’s not how it works.

We all get what we believe we want and deserve. Many of us believe we deserve more of what we are getting now.

Unless we change what we believe and focus on changing our life, we will remain on the same path. The rich will get richer, and victims will remain victimized.

It doesn’t seem fair, but it is the ultimate in fairness. We all get to choose, and our choices show up in our experiences.