Is Change Intimidating For You?

by | Feb 9, 2021 | Beth's Voice, Experiences

Is change a good thing for you or is it a big scary monster that you avoid?

I’m guessing it’s somewhere in between. Maybe there are elements of excitement mixed in with apprehension, fear, and uncertainty.

Well, something to consider is that all the good things that have come into your life were the result of a change you invited into your world.

Consider the people who are important to you or some of the big events in your life. At some point, you created an opening for the change to occur.

Today there is much that’s up in the air for us. It could be a job, relationships with key people, maybe it’s health-related, or simply just boredom. All of these are opportunities for change that can be either scary or exciting. The great thing is it’s all up to you.

Your mindset around change has everything to do with how it works out for you. If you approach change with a mindset of fear, you’ll get more fear in your life. If you look at change as a way for things to get better for you, you guessed it, they will.

Peter and I often talk about making little changes every day. A simple way to move your life in a direction you want is to shift the way you view change.

In the morning think ahead to what’s on your calendar for the day. Each of the activities is a chance to shift your thinking to a new life you want. I’ll use grocery shopping as an example.

You have your list put together and you know where and when you want to go. Now check in with your thoughts – are you excited about getting something good for dinner that evening? Are you dreading the visit because you’re fearful of Covid? Do you struggle with trying something different for a meal?

The important parts of the check-in with your thoughts are the feelings you have. It doesn’t really matter what the specific feeling is, but if you can make a small shift to a feeling with more satisfaction or abundance, you are now taking the small step to bring better things into your life.

Over time making small shifts in your thinking like I just described is what starts to bring better things into your life.

You can choose! It’s up to you.

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