Handbook on Life

One of the most fundamental concepts in this book is the power of our beliefs. Beliefs influence everything in our lives, from how we interpret people and events to our ability to manipulate the world.

Beliefs are like rules. They are agreements we’ve made with ourselves to make living easier. They allow us to deal with what is right in front of us without having to spend time re-learning the details of every situation. Our set of beliefs is like a handbook we established many years ago that regulates what we think we should and should not do. We established many of the rules with our families before we knew we were adding them to our handbook.

Like most handbooks, we rarely take the time to go through our beliefs to make sure the rules and policies still apply. At one time, it made sense to check with an authority figure (like mom) before we crossed the street, but as an adult, asking for permission may no longer make sense.
Just like a handbook, our beliefs are available to us if we take the time to look.

We hope you will crack open your handbook to see which beliefs you like and which no longer apply. We hope you will gain the knowledge and confidence to change the ones that no longer have a purpose or meaning for you.

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