Filters and Magnets

Your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings act like filters and magnets and drive what you see and what comes to you.

There is so much happening around us, but we only see a small fraction of it. The part we see is what we focus on.

Like the attractive properties of magnets, our thoughts, beliefs, and feelings attract people and events to us based on their match.

Have you ever tried to have a conversation with someone with opinions in total opposition to yours? It can be painful. No amount of logic or explanation from either of you could ever convince the other.

You’ve each set up your filters in such a way that nothing they say to you can get through and vice versa.

You might even find yourself attracted to people with conflicting opinions because you unknowingly are looking for arguments.

What you experience passes through a filter that highlights what is aligned with your beliefs and hides what is in conflict with them.