Beliefs Over Effort

Many of us grew up learning the ‘early bird gets the worm’ and we need to ‘work hard to get ahead.’

We live in a society that values – even celebrates – the hard worker. Oftentimes, society’s role models are people who seem to succeed due to their determination and struggle.

In sports, we talk about the effort an athlete puts in during the off-season. In business, we talk about burning the midnight oil. It’s easy to think it’s effort that is needed to be successful.

We can achieve results through effort because we believe so intently that our hard work will result in a specific result. Many people go through life this way.

It is our thoughts, beliefs, and feelings that attract people and events into our life. To have what we desire requires us to align our beliefs with our goals.

You will be enormously more productive by attracting your desire with your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings instead of forcing an outcome without first aligning yourself.