Why Is Waiting So Darn Hard?

by | Mar 12, 2019

Do you like to wait? Are you okay being in the slowest line at the grocery store? Are you fine getting stuck in traffic when you have someplace to be?

If you are like everyone else I know, the answer is a resounding, NO!

Why are we in so much of a hurry? Why do we let our lives get so full that we don’t have time to be patient? Why is it so darn hard to wait?

Are we born with impatience or do we learn it?

We have many role models to pattern after, that’s for sure.

Waiting is hard because when we wait, we tend to focus on the gap between where we are and where we want to be. It’s the gap that causes all the angst.

Think about it. When you are waiting in line or stuck in traffic, what are you thinking about?

If you are focused on waiting, it is painful. You feel powerless., but if you distract yourself by listening to music or thinking about something you like, you’ll be amazed at how time flies. Incidentally, that’s why they have candy and magazines at the grocery store check out lanes.

There is another kind of waiting that happens when you start a project. In the beginning, it’s exciting. You’ve got lots of energy because you’re visualizing the end result – and maybe the fun parts  as well.

But then… the energy fades. Why?

After the initial glow fades, you find yourself slogging through the work. You’re anticipating the end so you can enjoy it.

At this point you’re focused on the gap, so the waiting shows up to frustrate you.

Guess what! The same option works here too. Create a distraction.

The best kind of interruption here is to take action. Ideally, you will be motivated to work on your project, but any inspired action will help to keep you focused on your progress and away from paying attention to the waiting.

When you work on something you are enthused about, it doesn’t feel hard. It doesn’t even feel like work.

If you do it right, you can embrace each step in your project. There is no waiting because you are always doing something you love.

And there is no better place to be!

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