Do you Want Certainty, Possibilities, or Maybe Some Magic in Your Life?

by | Jan 7, 2020 | Experiences, Observations, Peter's Voice

Do you want to know what is going to happen next, or are you open to possibilities?

There is a cute story from a writer in the UK that I admire. As he is tucking his daughter in for bedtime, she tells him how excited she is for tomorrow. Curious, he asks what’s going on tomorrow that has her so full of energy. She responds that she doesn’t know yet.

You can just imagine the wonder and joy in his daughter’s eyes as she prepares to get enough rest to be ready for all the wonder tomorrow will bring. His daughter has no idea what’s going to happen but is open to the unexpected. She’s confident good things are likely to come and embodies the joy in the adventure of life.

Do you already know what’s on your calendar for the next day? Have you already predetermined how tomorrow is going to turn out?

What if instead, you gave yourself a little space to allow for possibilities? Imagine going to bed excited about being surprised with what tomorrow will bring.

As you look at what tomorrow offers, instead of expecting specific results, consider some phrases that start with:

  • I wonder … ?
  • What if … ?
  • Wouldn’t it be nice if … ?

As we grow older, we tend to shy away from uncertainty. We grab hold of the known. We look for ways to minimize risk.

But when we do, we also eliminate surprises, unexpected opportunities, and magic in our lives!

Think about the most memorable and rewarding times in your life. Were they the result of careful planning and certainty or were they outcomes you couldn’t have dreamed of because they were so unexpected!

Whenever you feel the need to lock things down, give yourself permission to leave open a little crack for the wonder of possibility to enter your life.

It makes for a much more magical life!

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