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A Powerful Tool for Women

I’ve been working with Peter to put together a simple tool to help people understand how important your thoughts are in creating the future you want. It’s called the Purposeful Choice Cycle.

It shows you how your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings combine to influence your actions.  Every day women talk to themselves about how they’re not worthy enough in some way.  Well, that really plays out in our lives and not in a good way.

If your thoughts and beliefs are not helping you with your life, why not change them?  It’s a simple question and taking the time to listen to yourself can have very profound effects on you and the future you really want.

Do you spend time comparing yourself to someone or something else?  Does that comparison ever work in your favor?  I thought so.  So, why do you do it when those negative thoughts play out negatively in your life?

What if instead of comparing yourself, you began to recognize something you really like about yourself, even if it’s something small?  What if you thought about that feature every day?  What if you began to believe your thinking after awhile and really believed that one good thing about yourself?

I’ve chosen to focus on my skin.  I’ve never liked it, but I thought why not begin to think about how beautiful my skin is instead of the many things I don’t like about it. Each day I wake up and look in the mirror and think about how much smoother my skin is, and then I do it again after I wash my face in the evening.  Today I get comments about how clear my skin is and I use those comments to reinforce how I believe I have nicer skin today.   It’s a simple example, but it was an easy way to start to experience the change in my thoughts for the better.

Your thoughts inform your beliefs. Beliefs are thoughts you believe are true.  Those beliefs give rise to your feelings.  Those feelings engage you to act in a certain way.

What if instead of just thinking the automatic negative thoughts you have about yourself, you change those thoughts to something you like about yourself?  Replace the negative thought with a positive one and then really focus on making that change stick, so you begin to believe the positive thought is true.  This is how you begin to change your future to a more positive one.


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