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Changing Lights

Recently I had a free day to get out on my bicycle. It was almost 30 days since I last rode and that was getting to be too long. Between getting sick with a bad cold, darker, colder days and holiday travel, I just couldn’t get out. Finally, I had my chance. All the holiday stuff was put away, and…

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Fireworks and time for a change
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5 Steps To Rewire Your Life in 2018

What a wild year it has been for the whole world. The U.S. isn’t the country it was in the past with the Trump administration and other countries acting and reacting in ways they haven’t before. Sexual harassment is now being recognized for the insidious workplace issue it is, and people everywhere are questioning their past actions as well as…

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What a busy couple of weeks

Beth and I have had a fantastic couple of weeks. It started off two weeks ago when we went to the Science and Nonduality conference in San Jose, CA.(  This was an amazing conference with hundreds of participants learning from over 50 presenters.  The presentations ranged from highly technical new research about how biology, physics, math and the sciences support…

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Condemn the Violence, not the Beliefs

The violence in Charlottesville should be condemned. We have laws against committing violence and using a car to kill is called murder. We don’t have laws about having different beliefs and we shouldn’t condemn people for having them. All of the discussions are missing the important difference between actions and beliefs. Everyone has different beliefs. It’s what makes the world…

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