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Join me?

How can I bring you along on my journey? How can I show you what I’ve learned in the hopes that you too will learn. I’m not necessarily trying to teach you anything. Or am I? What is my objective for writing? Do I feel a need to illuminate? Do I feel a need to help? I like the idea…

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Just Let Go

Just let go. Easy to say. Hard to do. Why hold on? Hold on to what? Fear? That’s what’s there. Fear is a creator. Fear is a source, not the result. Before I let go, I hold on to something else. Hope? Love? Desire? Anything. Then I let go.

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Movie Review – Arrival

Spoiler Alert – I assume you’ve seen the movie. The movie Arrival starring Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner is a wonderful story about interpersonal relationships and time. While not obvious until late, time is the star of the movie. We see that linguist Dr. Louise Banks is able to remember across time. We are familiar with remembering the past, here…

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Why Fear?

Most of us approach life based on fear. We lock the doors for fear of a robbery or invasion.  We buy insurance for fear of illness or accident.  We work hard to save money for a rainy day so we don’t end up poor and on the streets. We have so much fear that we don’t even notice it.  You’d…

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